September 2020


Hosted twice a year by Susanne Taylor in Alaska and the French Alps, I am excited to return as co-host again at this year's retreat in France. Get a taste of what's on offer here.


Last December we started playing with the topic of resiliency, which shifted to a theme of "Bringing Form and Structure to Resilience". We explored what surfaces through conversations to determine how this might shape our program for September. Little did we know what would unfold and how important this theme has become in today's world. I am still curious to know where we'll land, knowing of course that, whatever happens is meant to happen.

Past, present and future participants are using Slack to exchange thoughts, ideas, pictures, concepts ... and once a month we jump onto Zoom to share updates and reach out for support. The check-ins remind me how much progress we can make in a month and, thanks to the generosity of the community, through sharing tools, tips, techniques, knowledge and skills, progress is even faster.

For more information visit the website or contact me and to secure a place, get in touch with Susanne. 





September 2019 - Be Inspired...


Hosted twice a year by Susanne Taylor in Alaska and the French Alps, I was thrilled to co-host this year's retreat.


Bringing diverse people together to share skills, talents, knowledge, and personal experiences to inspire and accelerate not only each individual's personal growth, but the greater human collective.


Another amazing retreat and as Susanne says "the people who turn up are the right people".


We laughed, we cried, we laughed til we cried; we went deep and we had hilarious fun; we experimented, we shared, we learned; we had time together and time to self reflect. We also ate a ridiculous amount of  ratatouille...


Thanks to Susanne, the tribe and the universe for delivering another life enriching experience



Tell Your Story

August 2019 - Go your way

A platform for couragous individuals to share their story to inspire others. I believe it's important to share our stories to help others have faith that through suffering and pain great things can happen.


Having moderated Tell your Story since 2018 I know we can only share the real story when we have healed and August 2019 I felt  ready.

Starting with my "Facebook" story, I told a brief history which focused on all my personal and professional successes. I then retold the story - the real story - with as much honesty as I could muster to share the pain and suffering I experienced along the way. I hope that by sharing my own healing journey others can learn about the many ways we can reconnect, refocus and renergise. I closed my talk with an impassioned message about emotions and how they impact our lives.