The Process

Myriart Consulting Process


Reconnect with yourself

Experience has taught me that many of us find it difficult to express how we truly feel.


Research suggests that the human being can experience thousands of emotions, yet we only find the language for a few. I have also learned that unexpressed emotions may create blocks and barriers.


Our work together will enable you to work through any blocks, learn more about yourself and make a bridge to how you want to be.

Myriart Consulting Process


Discover the myriad possibilities

The purpose of the journey is to reach a point of fulfilment.


Our work together will open up new perspectives so that you can see the opportunities waiting to unfold. You will notice changes with every step and, as the way forward become more clear, your steps will be with more intention and purpose.


Ultimately the bridge of new found knowledge turns into a path that stretches all the way to the horizon. You will know this is your time to flourish.

Myriart Consulting Process


Take off with energy and focus

This is the time when you are on course to reach your destination. 


Your goals are clear and your confidence to reach them is high. The things you now know, the thoughts you have and the feelings you experience will become your guide.

The tools that you’ve learned along the way will be yours to keep forever. Let’s think of them as your wings - the sky’s the limit!