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My Story

In the midst of an amazing, high-flying career, climbing the corporate ladder, I stepped on a wonky rung that sparked the realization that I wasn’t happy or fulfilled and I made a radical decision to rethink my life.


What followed was the most frightening and yet most fulfilling journey into myself. At the time, I felt lost, unwell and emotionless and didn’t know which way to turn. After a period of self-reflection, I was fortunate to meet someone who really listened and opened the doors to a whole new way of being.


Over time, as I reconnected with myself, my health improved and I felt energized to start something new. I realized that my career in HR was no accident and that my calling is to get people to open up to what they really want and enable them to take steps to get there. 


I’ve learned along my journey that many of us dream of just being able to be ourselves, so now I work with people to better connect with themselves and flourish in their everyday lives.  

As a professional coach, with over two decades in international human resources, it’s inspiring work. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed and dream of living life to it's fullest, contact me for a free and no-obligation appointment by clicking "Contact" below.

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