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Winter 2020 - As the sun set on 2020... instead of planning new goals for the year and setting new intentions, I pondered what 2021 will bring. The usual ritual of setting resolutions no longer felt appropriate. Yet what I did know was that the year will continue to bring unexpected change and the need to practice patience and resilience along the way.

As we settle into a second year of social distancing and spending lots of time at home, let's explore new ways to connect with what's important in life. As old structures crumble to make way for the new, consider what you want the future to look like and what you can do today to make that happen.



Autumn 2020 - As you transition through Fall - I love the seasons. As summer transitions to winter we have the beautiful Fall days that lend themselves to refreshing walks in the forest or cosy nights wrapped up warm. It is in these moments that I take a pause and reflect on what has happened since the last season change. With each season in Switzerland there comes natural change. As I pack away my summer clothes, polish up my winter boots and light the first fire in the stove, I look forward to all the opportunities that the next season brings.


During a recent conversation, I was relaying a story from the past and when I said, “last year”, I had to dig really deep to confirm it was only last year… so much has happened since that “last year”.  The events of 2020 have disrupted so many lives and, through conversations with friends, colleagues and clients, I have heard stories of hardship yet many amazing stories of how people have not only overcome but also used the disruption as a springboard to rethink their lives!


As you transition through Fall celebrate all you’ve achieved and explore the opportunities this gives you and, most important, remember to create some space just for yourself.



Spring 2020 - Let the Opportunities Unfold - The current events are leading us to rethink our priorities and shift our focus. As you come to terms with the new norm, maybe you want to focus your attention on what opportunities arise from the changing circumstances.

The business has now shifted to become completely virtual, which has allowed clients to continue on their journeys. Those, who are switching to virtual services, are experiencing the power of remaining connected whilst progressing towards achieving their objectives and goals

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